ZIM Introduces myZIM Personal Notifications

ZIM announced today the launch of its New Personal Notifications featureon myZIM Personal Area. This new myZIM feature enables each user, within each and every ZIM customer, toreceive customized notifications and alerts related to their cargo, via email or SMS, according to their own needs and preferences.

The myZIM Personal Notifications featurewas created under the new “Powered by Our Customers” methodology, which was recently embedded as an integral part of ZIM’s way of upgrading its service experience. ZIM customers are taking active part in the development process of ZIM’s service concept, ensuring their valuable input is incorporated into the final product. ZIM strongly believes in an ongoing, open dialogue with its customers, striving to provide the most efficient and innovative service experience, while always maintaining ZIM’s personal touch.  

Assaf Tiran, ZIM VP Global Customer Service: “myZIM Personal Area, introduced last January, is part of our journey towards further enhancing ZIM’s customer experience by introducing top-of-the-line digital platforms, specifically designed to address customers’ needs and desires, focusing on making it easier for them to do business with us. However, going digital doesn’t mean giving up our personal touch. We made sure it will be reflected in our new Personal Notifications module, in its digital configuration.”

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