Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after a vessel was robbed while at the Lubuk Gaung SDS Terminal, Indonesia

The Panama-flagged Chemical Tanker, Bright Dawn was boarded during the early mornings hours of September the 28th while berthed at SDS Terminal ST 01, located at Lubuk Gaung Indonesia. At approximately 02:55 in the morning, four individuals boarded the ship by breaking the seal of the steering flat.

They proceeded to enter the engine room, near the workshop and stole the engine spares. The duty oiler saw the boarding party and immediately informed the Duty Officer, who proceeded to raise the alarm. The crew proceeded to muster and conduct a search, in order to locate the interlopers. 

The perpetrators, however, managed to escape the vessel along with the engine spares. The Master of the vessel then proceeded to report the incident to the local Port Authority and the relevant flag state. 

Vessel & crew are considered safe.

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