NYK’s Volunteer point system generates donations for five charities

NYK has made donations to five charities engaged in activities that promote education and provide support to children.

NYK president Hitoshi Nagasawa, right,
presenting certificate to Mitsubishi Ore Transport representative

NYK has a volunteer point system that was introduced in 2014 to encourage greater participation by the group’s officers and employees in activities that contribute to society. Points are granted for each form of contribution made, and the company then tallies the points, converts them to a monetary amount, and makes donations. The recipients of the donations were selected from votes by the participating volunteers.

During the 2019 calendar year, 392 staff members from 29 group companies participated in this volunteer system. One staff member who tallied the most volunteer points was recognized for his activities to teach sports to children, and another was given a special award for participating in a wide range of social activities, such as local safety patrols and forest conservation activities.

Recognition also went to two companies, one being Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co. Ltd. for its high staff participation in a lunchtime activity to reuse paper nautical charts to create envelopes for the Japan Braille Library. The other, Nippon Cargo Airlines Co. Ltd., was honored for its companywide activities deemed to be of benefit to society, specifically tours of the company’s facilities and aircraft training center, in addition to its efforts to collect and donate foreign coins.

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