Piracy: Bulk Carrier boarded at the Conakry anchorage

Reporting indicates that the Bulk Carrier MV ANASA whilst at the Conakry anchorage area was boarded by an unknown number of individuals, Dryad Global said.  Reporting indicates that the perpetrators accessed the accommodation and removed vessel’s cash, several electronic devices and property of the crew.

No further information available at this time.

This is the first incident within this area in 2020. Within 2019 there were 5 incidents within the area comprising of four robberies and one boarding.

Robberies and boarding’s within this area are predominantly low-level crime and usually involve the theft of crew belongings and accessible items with black market resale value. It is assessed that incidents within this area are perpetrated locally and are highly likely to be the result of unsophisticated attempts to rob opportunistic vessels rather than the result of highly coordinated groupings intent on more nefarious activity as seen within the Niger Delta area.

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