COSCO Shipping – North America Donates to Hospitals in New Jersey

COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc. donated 1,000 N95 masks to the Town of Secaucus, where the North America Headquarters is located, to support the Town’s urgent need for personal protective equipment for the Town’s first responders. 

In addition to the masks, COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc. made a contribution to the Secaucus Emergency Fund in order to further help their fight against the COVID-19 virus. 

COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc. presented the donation to Mr. Michael Gonnelli, Mayor of Secaucus, , expressing the hope that this small gesture of support and gratitude would assist the brave men and women who are at the frontlines of coordinating the COVID-19 response in our local community.

Mayor Gonnelli thanked COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc. for its generosity and support, stating that “the masks will help many staff and local volunteers at Hudson Regional Hospital”, where he personally delivered them to immediately after picking up the donation.   

Earlier on the same day, Hackensack UMC, a leading local health care provider, had announced to the community their need for additional personal protective equipment.  COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc. immediately prepared another shipment in support of the brave first responders at Hackensack UMC amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Shipping the masks, instead of delivering them in person, was the preferred method of choice by both COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc. and Hackensack UMC.  This arrangement promoted social distancing and, more importantly, allowed Hackensack UMC to most effectively allocate resources to their primary objective: fighting the virus and keeping our local community healthy and safe.

In addition to the donation of the masks, COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc. made a contribution to the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, expressing that only through the collective support of local community, and by observing the instruction and recommendations of government leaders, medical and scientific experts, can these challenging time be overcome together. 

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