Vincent Clerc, Maersk: People’s safety is what matters the most to us

by Vincent Clerc, Maersk

COVID-19 continues to impact lives and businesses every day. Around the globe we are met with new stories each day. Some of encouragement as countries turn a corner and seem to get a handle of this pandemic, some more concerning, with large parts of the world is still heavily impacted, and the toll of the disease increasing.

At Maersk, our global operations and business continues. We learn fast to overcome adversity working closely with customers and authorities and are pleased to continue to be able find solutions for your cargo and to support your business.

Last week I shared with you for transparency that we were working on measures to ensure that our business remains strong, both to help you through this pandemic and to be able to continue to offer you competitive products long term. Many of the capacity adjustments measures have since been communicated, and more will be announced in the near future. Our sales and customer service teams will proactively reach out to you and help manage the flow of cargo during this period in the most seamless way possible, with all the transparency and information we can share.

I am very proud of the Maersk team who has been able to redraw our network in such short time to meet the challenges ahead without compromising our reach and our ability to serve you. Also as previously shared we seek to keep you up to date in the easiest way, so we update daily with the latest country operational updates and alternative solutions, giving you solutions for instance to accelerate urgent supplies or alternatively three different storage solutions to slow down or store your excess cargo if demand is neglecting you.

We understand that messages of Force Majeure from other sources may be causing you unease and disruption and I want to once again reassure you that we at Maersk are doing everything we can to keep our operations running, and make every effort to uphold our commitments. We appreciate the trust you have put in us and we understand the responsibilities we carry.

Finally, I want to repeat; people’s safety is what matters the most to us and we keep diligent focus on ensuring this. Even with almost all our office staff working from home, they are still reachable through the same channels and it is great to see that you are using this. Protecting everyone’s safety while also protecting your business is essential. In fact, we see significant increase in usage of our Maersk booking and logistics app, and are so pleased that this is of value to you. Maersk is pleased to stand by you and your business all the way.

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